Flour Bluff Independent School District was established in 1937. The district encompasses a 156 square mile area (100 square miles of water and 56 square miles of land). The Flour Bluff/Padre Island/NAS community enjoys the advantage of being a part of the metropolitan Corpus Christi (est. pop. 320,434) with all its cultural, economic, and educational benefits. Nevertheless, the community is proud to maintain a separate independent school district emphasizing high standards and local control.

Flour Bluff Primary School conducts regularly scheduled assessments embedded into the instructional timeline. Aligned with the curriculum, assessments have been designed to measure the student’s academic progress and to give teachers the feedback they need to guide instruction and improve student achievement. The reading assessments determine a student’s instructional reading level. We utilize the Texas Primary Reading Inventory (TPRI), Fountas & Pinnell assessments and teacher running records for reading progress. Students are required to read at an instructional level H in 1st grade and at an instructional level L in 2nd grade by the end of the school year. In math, we administer a TEKS based assessment each 9 week and a cumulative math assessment at the end of the year. Students are required to obtain 70% mastery on the end of year assessment.

Report cards are issued to students at the end of every nine weeks’ period during the school year. For students in grade 1, promotion to grade 2 shall be based on grade level proficiency of 70% of the TEKS for mathematics, ability to read on Level H by the end of the school year and satisfactory completion of TEKS for language arts, social studies, and science. For students in grade 2, promotion to grade 3 shall be based on grade level proficiency of 70% of the TEKS for mathematics and an ability to read on Level L by the end of the school year and satisfactory completion of TEKS for language arts, social studies and science.

Report cards will be marked for all areas according to the following criteria:
1= Below Expectations
2= Experiencing Difficulty and Performing Below Grade Level
3= Meets Expectations
4 = Exceeds Expectations
N/A = Not Assessed

Parents are urged to carefully examine their child’s report card and return the report card envelope promptly to school with their signature. Parents are invited to conference with their child’s teacher regarding any question they might have about the report card and academic progress.

Facts & Figures

  • Staff 2018-2019

    • Principal: 1
    • Assistant Principal: 1
    • Teachers: 50
    • Counselors: 1
    • Paraprofessionals: 14
    • Curriculum Supervisor: 1
    • Nurse: 1
    • Other Support Staff: 9
  • Student Population 2017-2018

    Enrollment: 780
    Grade 1: 400
    Grade 2: 380

    Asian: 0.9%
    African American: 3.6%
    Hispanic: 46.5%
    White: 43.5%
    Native Am./Indian/HA: 0.1%
    Pacific Islander: 0.3%
    Two or More Races: 5.1%

  • Class Size Averages

    • Grade 1: 17.3
    • Grade 2: 18.5
  • Attendance Rate

    • 2016-2017
    • 95.8%

STAAR Passing Rates

STAAR Tests are not administered to students in 1st & 2nd Grades